• Lev•er•age:
    using positional
    advantage to
    act decisively
  • When media carries with it the ability to transact, it’s no longer just content. It’s software.

  • Data, content and audiences have unbundled from channels, devices and program schedules.

  • We’re breaking stories into packets as surely as we broke communications into packets.

B2B Storytelling

You’ve worked in technology, media or professional services for a long time. You’ve been under fire. You’ve delivered. You have insight into your customers’ needs. You have foresight into your industry’s future. You see patterns where others see news.
And now you’re going to hire a freelancer to come up with your story?
That’s BS.
You don’t start with a wordsmith, a videographer or any other “content” specialist.
You start with a sparring partner. You start with someone invested in your success, but who pushes you hard to articulate the precise value you bring. It’s difficult. It’s worthwhile.
And it’s the only way to produce content that matters.
Media Dojo works with you to extract the real story from your experiences, assets and aspirations. We help you grasp your story’s positional advantage so that it acts decisively.
Media Dojo enables organizations to tell stories that kick ass.


Why call it a dojo?

You go to a dojo to take risks, make mistakes, and advance a little more each time. I’ve been going to the dojo for 30 years now, through three Asian and one Brazilian martial art. Each discipline has its own unique movement, technique, and tactics.

However, the ultimate target for all of them is a state of mind that some Japanese call Banpen Fugyo, (“10,000 Changes No Surprises”). Banpen Fugyo means the ability to adapt swiftly, instinctively and decisively to change however it comes. You’re able to survive the adverse and seize the opportune. You can’t predict exactly when and how rapid change will create or destroy value. But you can invest in preparation.

Media Dojo aims to partner with a new breed of media and marketing innovators who embrace constant change as a familiar friend.